Junk Modelling

In Class One we have been creating dinosaurs using materials out of our junk modelling box. We each decided which materials would be best for the body parts of our chosen dinosaurs, we identified that we needed hard, sturdy materials like cardboard or pots to create legs for the dinosaurs to stand on. Some of us decided to paint our dinosaurs and others used coloured materials to make them eye catching. There was some stegosaurus, megalodons, Spinosaurus, triceratops and brachiosaurus.

Children in Need

On Friday we celebrated Children in Need at Gladestry School. We all took part in WEAR WHAT YOU WANT and we had pyjamas, footballers, best outfits and batman in our class.

Class One made Pudsey ears to wear and decorated them with colourful spots. We all participated in ‘Work Out With Joe Wicks’  where we answered quiz questions and worked up a sweat!

We all enjoyed bringing in a treat for snack today and completing lots of Pudsey activities.

We raised a total of £30.50  – Da Iawn Gladestry!

Dinosaur Fact Files

This week we have been finding out facts about dinosaurs. In pairs children chose a dinosaur to research and used non-fiction books and the internet to find their facts.

Using HWB on the laptops, we wrote our facts onto a template that Miss Tame shared with us and created our fact files about the dinosaurs.



Remembrance Day

On Thursday 11.11.21 in Class One we celebrated remembrance day. The whole school completed 2 minutes of silence and we learnt about why we celebrate Remembrance Day.

Throughout the day we painted Poppies on our Class windows for the community to view and completed lots of Poppy Missions.

The older children created and wrote their own acrostic poems about Remembrance Day, we enjoyed working as a team to think of words and sentences starting with each letter.



This week in Class One we have been exploring fossils.

We learnt about Mary Anning the famous fossil hunter and wrote about her life.

Next we explored what fossils are and what they look like. We examined them carefully and identified what fossils they were.

After we matched the dinosaurs to their own fossils, this was lots of fun!

Lastly we received a message from a relation of Mary Anning and they gave us ingredients and a recipe to make our own fossils. We followed the recipe and created salt dough, we made our own dinosaur fossils!

Shropshire Falconry

We were very lucky to have a visit from Lisa and her wonderful birds of Prey this half term. The pupils loved meeting Scarlett the Red Kite, Titch the Falcon, Maverick the Gyrfalcon and Chris the Owl. They all listened very carefully and asked interesting questions.

Fine Motor Maths

Today we have been developing our fine motor skills and exercising our hand muscles. We used tweezers to pick up pompoms and add them to the dinosaur eggs. Using our Maths knowledge we identified the numbers on the dinosaur card and placed the correct number of pompoms on the dinosaur eggs.


In Class 1 we have been exploring our new sand and water trays in the outside area.

It’s been fun splashing, pumping, squirting, swirling, pouring and making bubbles in the water tray. Lots of sandcastles and sand pies were made in the sand tray along with letter printing to create words.

We can’t wait to use the sand and water trays more in our outside area!



We have been learning all about Harvest. Class 1 worked in groups to identify the harvest vegetables and fruits in the pictures. It was really fun and there were lots of different answers.

Next we solved the Harvest riddles:

I am dug out the ground at Harvest time,

I can be cooked in lots of different ways,

I can also be made into chips and crisps.

What am I?

Finally we cut some Harvest vegetables in different ways and printed a picture. We loved mixing all of the autumn colours and stamping the vegetables into the paint to make different shapes and textures.