Land Before Time


This week we found our dinosaurs trapped in the tuff tray. We had to work out how to set them free by…..”cutting”, “tearing”, “unwrapping” and “ripping” the cage.

We worked really hard as a team and set the dinosaurs free, yay! 

Helping Jack

This week the children arrived into class with a letter written from Jack.

Hello Class 1! Please can you help me? I am at the Giant’s Castle and I have forgotten my way home!

Thanks Jack

Class 1 worked out the route to Jacks house from the Giants castle and collectively drew a map to show him the way home. The children realised Jack  still wasn’t home. What could we do? Go and save Jack! Class 1 took the map outside and walked the route from Jack’s house to the Giant’s Castle. They saved Jack and showed him the way home.

The Giant has escaped!

This week we found a poster in Class 1 with a message that the Giant had escaped. The children got straight to work and made warning posters to put up around the school to let everyone know. Class 1 also created dens to hide from the Giant inside using resources.

Later Class 1 discovered gigantic Shoe prints in Class. The children investigated and  took on the role of forensic scientists. Their findings were inconclusive, that was until they checked everyone’s shoe prints in the sand tray. Non of the children’s or teachers shoe prints matched the ones found in Class. It was the Giants!


Class 1 planted their own beanstalks in groups and are investigating how they grow in different environments. The children have decided to develop their numeracy skills and measure the height of their beanstalks across a period of time. How tall do you think they will grow?

Jack and The Beanstalk

We found a golden egg in class and the children worked out it belonged to the Giant. The children decided to build a nest out of natural materials to keep the egg warm and comfortable and create a lullaby using instruments in case it hatched! This week Class 1 also made their own golden eggs and enjoyed using papier-mâché technique.