Dragon Eyes

This afternoon we made Dragon eyes. Our inspiration was from all of the Dragons we saw on our School Trip at ‘King Arthur’s Labrinth’. We made different types of eyes, some were spotty, bumpy, round and scaly. We enjoyed rolling, pinching, smoothing, stabbing and patting the clay to make the dragon eyes. 

Visit from The Bishop

Bishop John came into Gladestry school to meet everyone. He came into Class 1 to talk about what he does as a Bishop. He showed us his ring and cross necklace, we passed the items around to each other carefully. We asked him lots of questions and found out lots about him and the Diocese. 

Welly Walk

We went on a Welly Walk to Gladestry Church Peace Garden. We used our senses to identify things we could smell, see, touch and hear. After we worked in groups to collect natural materials and create a picture of an animal of our choice (we made a giraffe, bird’s nest and bird). We decided to collect red, brown and green leaves to bring back to school to create a dragon like the one we saw at King Arthur’s Labrinth. 

Trip to King Arthur's Labyrinth.

Gladestry School pupils went on a School Trip to King Arthur’s Labyrinth in Machynlleth. We travelled together on the big coach and enjoyed lots of exciting activities. We walked and sailed by boat through the caves to listen about Kind Arthur’s story, it was dark! We went to the gift shop and paid for our items and travelled through the spooky maze to find the dragons, we saw lots of them!

We are looking forward to writing about our trip when we come back to school.

Making our delicious Carrot Soup.

We have been digging up our carrots that we planted earlier in the year, ready for an afternoon of cooking. We each pulled up a carrot and compared the different sizes.

We peeled, chopped and grated our vegetables up carefully before cooking it all together.

At the end of the day, we really enjoyed tasting our yummy carrot soup all together!

How to Trap a Dragon

We have been building traps to trap a dragon. After reading the story, we worked in groups to follow the instructions of the story to make our own traps. We dug a hole, covered it with a brown sheet, scattered leaves and sticks and placed a piece of meat on top. We then hid and waited patiently for our dragon’s to come.