Visiting the church

On Monday, Class 2 walked up to Gladestry Church to view the beautiful stained glass windows. We read the information to learn about the different stories that the windows told and we had a go at sketching some of the windows too. These gave us some brilliant ideas to go back and create our own stained glass windows at school!

Trip to King Arthur's Labyrinth.

Gladestry School pupils went on a School Trip to King Arthur’s Labyrinth in Machynlleth. We travelled together on the big coach and enjoyed lots of exciting activities. We walked and sailed by boat through the caves to listen about Kind Arthur’s story, it was dark! We went to the gift shop and paid for our items and travelled through the spooky maze to find the dragons, we saw lots of them!

We are looking forward to writing about our trip when we come back to school.

The Red Book?

On Wednesday the whole school went for a Welly Walk up to Gladestry Church. We found a big red book at the Church that looked very mysterious, but we couldn’t decide what it was called. We took the book into the Church to see what was inside. We found a knight, book called ‘The Story of Pwll’, some flowers, a crown, a magical wand and a silver cup. When we got back to school, we did some research to find out what this book could be. We found out that it is the Red Book of Hergest.

The Mysterious red book found at the Church

Extreme Earth

This half term we have chosen “Extreme Earth” as our class topic.

We have been learning about the Earth and locating the 7 continents.

And we know what is inside the Earth – it has 5 layers!

The children have worked collaboratively to create banks of imaginative vocabulary to describe an erupting volcano.

We have then planned and written our own Volcano poems using simile, metaphor, alliteration and even some rhyme!