Dinosaur Poo

In Class 1 we have been learning about what dinosaurs eat. We’ve learned what types of dinosaurs are herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Today Miss Tame brought into Class dinosaur poo. We made sure we wore protective goggles and gloves and dissected the poo to find out what type of dinosaurs it was from. There were lots of discussions about what we found in the dinosaurs poo; some of us found sticks and leaves whilst others found eggshells and bones.

We all enjoyed being Palaeontologists for the day!




This week we have been learning all about different dinosaurs and what they look like. Class 1 have made dinosaur skeletons out of pasta. We had lots of fun smashing, crushing, snapping and cutting the pasta into the shapes and sizes we needed. We ended up having different skeletons, some had 2 legs, some had plates along their backs, some had tails and others had flippers. 

A box into....

A Dinosaur Cave

We were delighted when we found a cardboard box in our class. We used our imaginations and decided as a team to design the box into a dinosaur cave to add to our role play area. Firstly we started by painting the outside of the cave with our chosen colours. 


In Class 1 we have been practicing our letters and sounds and focusing on how to form them correctly. We have all enjoyed exploring our inside and outside areas to write our letters. 

Land Before Time


This week we found our dinosaurs trapped in the tuff tray. We had to work out how to set them free by…..”cutting”, “tearing”, “unwrapping” and “ripping” the cage.

We worked really hard as a team and set the dinosaurs free, yay!